Move Me With Music

{09/01/2009}   “THIS ONE IS JUST FOR YOU” (approx. 60 min)

pin-up cycle

This mix is way more chill than the others. That doesn’t make it any easier. In fact, this has been my favorite profile so far. Lots of hills and slow climbs with high resistance. Jumps and short recoveries add variety and make this a really fun ride.

60 minute ride profile included. You can decrease time by cutting some songs short. Heart rates not included – I’m waiting for a little more experience to include that. Will update!

1. “When Your Mind’s Made Up” by Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova / 3:41 —

(If you haven’t, please see the movie “Once”.)  Warm up. This is a beautiful song that really builds and our warm up is going to build with it. Get your legs moving as you increase resistance to a comfortable level. Inhale and exhale as you raise your arms to the sky and bring positive energy into you as we begin this ride. Roll your shoulders and neck. Connect your movements of the pedal strokes, your arms and your breaths.

– VERSES – alternate legs for 8 counts

CHORUS – increase resistance slightly and try to keep your cadence with the music. Eventually go into standing climb in 3rd for the duration of the song (alternate into 2nd if you need a break)

Lower resistance and take a seat . It’s a flat road after that climb.

2. “Stellar” by Incubus / 3:20 —

Grab some water and keep moving.  Again our ride builds with our song.

VERSES – seated flats

(0:33) PRE-CHORUS– seated climb

(0:41) CHORUS– standing climb. (Borgs RPE- 18-19) Rock out the chorus pushing as hard as you can because it’s intense and short.


(2:10) BRIDGE – Running with resistance

(2:40) CHORUS – standing climb, pick up cadence and push yourself through the end of the song. SICK.

3. “If You Were A Sailboat” by Katie Melua / 4:02 —

Lower resistance and have a seat. Flush out your legs and drink lots of water.

VERSES – alternate each verse – seated flat & standing flat, light to moderate

CHORUS – increase resistance – standing climb. SWAY with the music.

(2:51) running with resistance until the end of the song, moderate to hard

4. “Be Somebody” by Kings of Leon / 3:47 —

No break!  Go right into third for this song.  Moderate to high resistance.

– CHORUS –  running with resistance – 2nd

VERSES – seated flats – recovery

At 2nd chorus – move into jumps standing 2nd & 3rd (8 ct, 4 ct) to the end of the song

5. “Hey Mama” by Black Eyed Peas / 3:35 —

– drop resistance and sit, drink, and release your muscles. Keep cadence fast with the music.

VERSES – switch between seated flats & standing climbs, moderate

CHORUS – running with resistance, moderate. Roll with it. Hit the beat.

6. “Sexi Plexi” by Jack Johnson / 2:07 —

Recover in seat for a moment

This is a slower song and we ride slower, with increased resistance.  Slow climbs in seat and standing 2nd & 3rd. Very sexy baby.

7. “Open Your Eyes” by Snow Patrol / 5:41

– drop resistance way down – flat roads, easy riding, drink. breathe deeply and slowly.

– where the verse builds, increase resistance OR cadence to bring up that heart rate

1st CHORUS – standing flat

VERSES – start in 2nd, but increase resistance, then when you are ready, standing climb

CHORUS – running with resistance, increase and PUSH through the whole chorus

– AT BIG PICKUP – rock out in third! sometimes i throw jumps in here.

(3:55) can either do – increase resistance to high intensity and push hard OR keep resistance the same and kick up the cadence. This goes almost to the end. POWER 10!

– Drop resistance and have a seat.  Flats.

8. “Crash Into Me” by Dave Matthews Band / 5:16

– Low resistance, seated flat – RECOVERY SONG

– Towards the middle of the song, standing flat into running with resistance. You got your much needed break – now you are revitalized and ready to go again.

– Gradually increase RPMs by 10’s & then decrease

(3:55)keep cadence at 75-80 rpms and turn up resistance into third. PUSH!!!!!!!!!

– Once song begins to fade, drop resistance, have a seat, take a drink. We are getting back up!

9. “Trouble Is A Friend” by Lenka / 3:35 –

Now is when it gets good. Just when you thought you couldn’t do anymore, when your legs feel like jello. This song give you a cooldown which sends chills throughout your body while invigorating your muscles. Intense! Let’s rock.

VERSES – standing flat- light to moderate

CHORUS – jumps – 3rd & 2nd – 1 at 8 ct & 2 at 4 ct

2nd CHORUS – jumps – 3rd & 2nd – 1 at 8 ct & 2 at 4 ct – REPEAT

BRIDGE – seated climb – moderate/high

10. “Shiver” by Coldplay / 4:59

start on the flat road but increase resistance slightly

(1:03) VERSE – seated climb – inrease resistance and cadence

(1:28) standing flat

(1:49) CHORUS – standing climb – 3rd – rock out!


(3:24) POWER 10 in 3rd! GO GO GO!!!

(3:42) jumps

(4:19) stay in third but increase cadence for another Power 10!

(4:37) seated flat – recovery


11. “Bad Things” by Jace Everett / 4:34

1st VERSE – start in a seated climb

– 2nd VERSE – running with resistance

Instrumental – jumpsseated to standing climb


Repeat Loop

(3:03) Start jumps again and then finish song in standing climb. Push yourself – the song is longer than you think.

12. “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic” by The Police / 4:20

Have a seat, drop resistance, take a drink…

(0:55) turn up resistance to moderate, seated steady climb

(1:13) turn up resistance even more to high and pick up cadence, increase heart rate

(1:18) running with resistance

(1:28) slow down cadence, keep resistance or dare to increase, get into third and push slow during the bridge

(2:01) drop resistance and stay in third for a power ride. DANCE! This song will always rock!

(2:23) in the saddle for a flat road

(2:32)– Gradually increase RPMs by 10’s & then decrease until (3:00)

(3:10) running with resistance

(3:22) start jumps into third (8 count)

(3:45) seated flat – easy


13. “What If I Do?” by Foo Fighters / 5:02

– in seat, take it easy and enjoy the way your muscles feel now that they are relaxed. this is a slow yet moderate ride.

VERSES – seated flat

(0:59) CHORUS – running with resistance. let the music push you.

(2:18) PRE-CHORUS- running with resistance

(2:59) CHORUS – standing climb – PUSH!

(3:38) jumps 2nd – 3rd – 8 count

(4:18) stay in third for an easy push which increases in difficulty as we extend our endurance until the end of the song.

14. “Deliver Me” by Sarah Brightman / 4:00

SLOW DOWN and take a seat

VERSES – start in a seated flat

(1:23) As the beats start – increase resistance to a seat climb

(2:06) running with resistance – do this for as long as you can. If you have to stop, go into saddle

15. “How Deep Is Your Love” by The Bird and the Bee / 3:24

COOL DOWN…Great ride! Relax. Seated Flat cooldown.

Breathe. Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth.

Roll your shoulders.


Breathe deeply as you raise your arms to the sky and bringing the positive energy into you. Keep this energy with you all through the day.


Great article, good looking website, added it to my favs.

jennkarma says:

Thank you so much. I appreciate you stopping by. I plan on updating the site very shortly, so stay tuned for a few new mixes to pop up 🙂

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